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The Importance of Credit

Good credit is the key to unlocking a whole new world !

Credit is used to determine if you can get a home loan, or a car loan, and it especially determines what your interest rates will be. Some employers even use credit to decide if they want to hire you or not. Having good credit allows you to get credit cards and other loans at better rates and also allows you to pay lower deposits on simple things like phone and utility bills.


Good personal credit is also the foundation for building good business credit. Business credit helps prevent a business owner from "bootstrapping" or using their cash on hand to fund their business endeavors. Using money separate from their personal funds allows business owners to build their empires in a much healthier manner.

Credit scores range from 300 - 850 this score is determined by evaluating five major factors. My duty will be not only to work with you to improve your score but to also help guide you towards better habits surrounding your credit. Schedule a consult with me today!

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